Agriculture Books- Best 10

Agriculture Books- Best 10 for Competitive Exam and Degree Courses

The agriculture sector, one of the most important industries in India. To level up your knowledge for preparation of competitive exams of agriculture or a degree course or other subjective matters, reports, essays, seminars, presentations, conferences & speeches etc., need to support of agriculture books to level up your knowledge with authentic facts about agriculture and related branches or sectors like to get it as: one of the leading producers of spices, fish, poultry, livestock, and plantation crops and climatic conditions and agro-climatic zones in India. India, the world’s largest producer of milk, pulses, and jute and also ranks as the second-largest producer of Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Vegetables, Fruit, and Cotton.

To help you in this competition era of exams, here are the list of agriculture books for UPSC, ASRB-NET, ARS, SRF, JRF, SFS, etc.

Agriculture Book List For UPSC

  • Fundamentals of Agriculture Vol.-1 & 2 by Arun Katyayan (BUY NOW)
  • Fundamentals of Agriculture (Vol. 1 – 2) by R.L. Arya, Sonam Arya, et al. (BUY NOW)
  • A Competitive Book Of Agriculture by Nem Raj Sunda (BUY NOW)
  • Objective Agriculture by Nem raj Sunda (BUY NOW)
  • Agriculture at a Glance by R. K. Sharma (BUY NOW)
  • General Agriculture by Muniraj Singh Rathore (BUY NOW)
  • Handbook of Agriculture by ICAR (Author) (BUY NOW)
  • Objective Agriculture (Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) For Competitive Exams Of Agriculture) by R. L. Arya (BUY NOW)
  • General Agriculture for Postgraduate Entrance Exam Test (PET) BHU by A. Elangovan, S. Ashokumar, G. Pothiraj, M. Mahalakshmi (BUY NOW)
  • Indira’s Agriculture Competition Explorer by R L Arya, Sonam Arya, et al. (BUY NOW)
  • Plant Physiology by S. N. Pandey and B. K. Sinha (BUY NOW)
  • Objective Agriculture Includes Previous Years Questions of ARS Exam ( memory-based ) by Kantwa S. R. (BUY NOW)
  • Objective book of Plant Science and Agriculture by Dr. Shailesh Marker (BUY NOW)

Here are the other objective as well as the subjective agricultural book list to go with your topic.

Best 10 Agriculture Books
Best 10 Agriculture Books

So as per your knowledge, these books are highly recommended for objective and subjective exams also. All these agricultural books are the standard reference books which will help you in other competition exams also, here are the list of agriculture and allied courses or competition books as Bank IBPS Agriculture Field Officer (IBPS AFO), you can go some of the above books for IBPS AFO….

Best Agriculture Books For Bank IBPS AFO (IBPS Agriculture Field Officer)

  • Arun Katyayan (Vol 1 & 2) – Fundamentals of Agriculture
  • A competitive Book of Agriculture – Nemraj Sunda
  • Agriculture at a Glance – R.K Sharma
  • Objective Agriculture – S.R Kantwa

Soil Science (Best book for ICAR-JRF)

  • Fundamentals of Soil Science (Hindi Edition) by R. L. Arya and Khalil Khan (BUY NOW)
  • Textbook of Soil Science by T. Biswas, S Mukherjee (BUY NOW)
  • Introductory Soil Science by D.K. Das (BUY NOW)
  • Textbook of Soil Science by R.K. Mehra (BUY NOW)
  • Principles of Soil Chemistry by Kim H. Tan (BUY NOW)
  • Organic Farming and Livestock Management in integrated farming: An Agro-entrepreneur manual to successful Integrated farm production by Mohan Chand Rajbar (BUY NOW)
  • Concept of Soil Science book by S.G. Rajput (BUY NOW)
  • A Textbook of Pedology Concepts and Applications by J. Sehgal (BUY NOW)
  • Soil Science at a glance by GR Mahajan KA Chobhe, AM Latare (BUY NOW)
  • Fundamentals of Soil Science by Indian Society of Soil Science (BUY NOW)
  • Objective Soil Science by Ramesh (BUY NOW)
  • Agri Facts – Soil Science by Sai Prasad (BUY NOW)

Best Agronomy Books For ICAR JRF

  • Fundamentals of Agronomy by R.L. Arya (BUY NOW)
  • Textbook of Field Crops Production by Rajendra Prasad (BUY NOW)
  • Objective Agriculture Includes Previous Years Questions Of ARS Exam by Kantwa. S.R. (BUY NOW)
  • Introduction to Agriculture Book by A. K. Vyas (BUY NOW)
  • Agronomy Treatise by P.D. Chaudhary (BUY NOW)
  • Principles of Agronomy by S. R. Reddy (BUY NOW)
  • Principles of Agronomy Hindi Edition by R. L. Arya (BUY NOW)
  • Principles of Agronomy Book by Reddy G.H. Shankara Reddy T. Yallamanda (BUY NOW)
  • Agronomy facts for Competitions by Ram Swaroop Meena, Sandeep Kumar Sihag (BUY NOW)
  • Irrigation Agronomy by Sr Reddy
  • Weed Science : Basic and Applications by T. K. Das
  • Weed Management : Principles and Practices by O.P. Gupta (BUY NOW)

Objective Agronomy Books

  • Objective Agronomy by Thavaprakaash N, Velayudham K. (BUY NOW)
  • Objective Fundamentals by P.L. Maliwal and S.L. Mundra (BUY NOW)
  • Objective Agriculture by S.R Kantwa (BUY NOW)

Livestock Books

  • Livestock Production Management by Nilotpal Ghosh (BUY NOW)
  • Livestock: Food, Fiber, and Friends (Animal Voices / Animal Worlds ) by Erin McKenna  (BUY NOW)
  • Organic Farming and Livestock Management in integrated farming: An Agro-entrepreneur manual to successful Integrated farm production by Mohan Chand Rajbar (BUY NOW)
  • Livestock Production Management by N.S.R. & C K Thomas Sastry (BUY NOW)
  • Objective Book on Livestock Production Management for JRF, SRF, NET, ARS, Ph.D. and other Competitive Exams by Subhasish Sahu, Deepak Upadhyay, Madhu Mishra, Archana Sarangi (BUY NOW)

Books for Plant Breeding and Genetics :

  • Fundamentals of Genetics by B D Singh (BUY NOW)
  • Elements of Genetics by Phundan Singh (BUY NOW)
  • Principles of Plant Breeding by B D Singh (BUY NOW)
  • Essentials of Plant Breeding by Phundan Singh (BUY NOW)

Objective Books

  • Objectives of Plant breeding by Phundan Singh (BUY NOW)
  • Plant Science JRF by Elangovan (BUY NOW)
  • Objective Genetics and plant breeding by Phundan Singh (BUY NOW)
  • Objective genetics B D Singh & B K Prasad (BUY NOW)

Agricultural Economics

  • Introduction to Agricultural Economics and Agri-Business Management book by Talathi Naik (BUY NOW)
  • An outline of agricultural economics by Naveen Kumar, Thoms. Felix. K (BUY NOW)
  • Agri Facts Agricultural Economics Useful for JRF, ARS/NET, SAU, Ph.D., IFFCO, NFL and Other Competitive Exams by Kantwa S.R. (BUY NOW)
  • A Text-Book of Agri-Business management by A.C. Broadway (BUY NOW)
  • Introduction to Agricultural Economics By John B. Penson, Oral Capps, C. Parr Rosson, Richard T. Woodward (BUY NOW)
  • Competitive Agricultural Economics by Sanjay, Swami H.M, Moro Seidu (BUY NOW)
  • Agricultural Economics: An Indian Perspective by R.K. Lekhi & Joginder Singh (BUY NOW)
  • Objective Agricultural Economics for JRF, SRF, ARS, NET, SLET, Civil Services & Other Competitive Examinations by K. Nirmal Ravi Kumar (BUY NOW)
  • Agricultural Economics by Reddy S. S. (BUY NOW)


  • Objective Forestry Question Bank For UPSC, ASRB-NET, ARS, SRF, JRF, SFS by V. Saravanan P. Kumar (BUY NOW)
  • Handbook of Forestry (BUY NOW)
  • Curricula And Syllabi For Master’s Degree Programs In Forestry DOWNLOAD PDF

Table of Content for the Arun katyan Agriculture Book

  • History of agriculture
  • Cropping system and pattern
  • Annidation and Allelopathy
  • Crop ecology
  • Dryland agriculture
  • Erosion and soil conversation
  • Classification of crops
  • Crop production
  • Seed technology
  • Weed problems
  • Assessment of agronomics interactions
  • Agroforestry and social forestry
  • Water management
  • Rocks and its weathering
  • Soil formations
  • Soil and its physical properties
  • Soil colloids and silicate clay minerals
  • Soil taxonomy and soils of India
  • Soil organic matter
  • Manures, fertilizers and Biofertilizers
  • Soil fertility and productivity
  • Mineral nutation
  • Saline, Alkali and Acids soils
  • Extension education
  • Agriculture economics
  • Arun katyan vol 2 pdf download free
  • Water relation
  • Photosynthesis
  • Respiration
  • Enzymes
  • Growth, hormones
  • Photoperiodism and vernalisation
  • Agriculture entomology
  • Insecticides
  • Plant protection equipment
  • IPM
  • Stored grain pests
  • Insects pests of some crops
  • Plant pathology
  • Chemical used in disease control
  • Plant disease control
  • Disease detail tables
  • Objective model question
Arun Katyan Agriculture Book
Arun Katyayan Agriculture Book