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The courseware material of B.Sc. (Agriculture) is prepared as per ICAR approved syllabus for the benefit of under-graduate students already enrolled in Indian Agricultural Universities.

Download B.Sc. (Agriculture) all Study Materials as per ICAR approved syllabus like Free Books, Free Lectures, Old Questions Paper of All Universities, Notification etc

S.No.Course TitleAuthor(s) NameDownload Link
1Agricultural Finance & CooperationFaculty TNAUDownload
2Agricultural Marketing Trade and PricesFaculty TNAUDownload
3Agricultural MicrobiologyFaculty TNAUDownload
4Breeding of Field & Horticultural CropsFaculty TNAUDownload
5Comprehension & Developing Comm. Skills in EngFaculty TNAUDownload
6Crop Pests & Stored Grain Pests & their MgmtFaculty TNAUDownload
7Crop PhysiologyFaculty TNAUDownload
8Dimensions of Agriculture ExtensionFaculty TNAUDownload
9Disease of Horticultural Crops & their ManagementFaculty TNAUDownload
10Diseases of Field Crops and Their ManagementFaculty TNAUDownload
11Entrepreneurship DevelopmentsFaculty TNAUDownload
12Environmental Science-IFaculty TNAUDownload
13Extension Methodologies for Transfer of ag. TechFaculty TNAUDownload
14Farm Power & MachineryFaculty TNAUDownload
15Field CropsFaculty TNAUDownload
16Field Crops RabiFaculty TNAU Download
17Fundamental of Soil Water Conservation & EngFaculty TNAUDownload
18Fundamentals of AgriBusiness ManagementFaculty TNAUDownload
19Fundamentals of BiochemistryFaculty TNAUDownload
20Fundamentals of Rural & Educational PsycologyFaculty TNAUDownload
21Insect Ecology & Integrated Pest ManagementFaculty TNAUDownload
22Insect Morphology and SystematicsFaculty TNAUDownload
23Introduction to Computer ApplicationsFaculty TNAUDownload
24Introduction to Soil ScienceFaculty TNAUDownload
25Introductory AgricultureFaculty TNAU Download
26Introductory NematologyFaculty TNAUDownload
27Livestock Production and ManagementFaculty TNAUDownload
28Manures Fertilizers & AgrochemicalsFaculty TNAUDownload
29MathematicsFaculty TNAUDownload
30Plant Pathogens & Principles of Plant PathologyFaculty TNAUDownload
31Post Harvest Mgmt. & Value Addition of Fruits&vegFaculty TNAUDownload
32Practical Crop Production I & IIFaculty TNAU Download
33Principles of Agricultural EconomicsFaculty TNAUDownload
34Principles of Agronomy & agricultural MeteorologyFaculty TNAUDownload
35Principles of GeneticsFaculty TNAUDownload
36Principles of Plant BiotechnologyFaculty TNAUDownload
37Principles of Plant Breeding-IFaculty TNAUDownload
38Principles of Seed TechnologyFaculty TNAUDownload
39Production Economics & Farm ManagementFaculty TNAUDownload
40Production Tech. of Spices Aromatc Med. PlantCropsFaculty TNAUDownload
41Production Technology of Fruit CropsFaculty TNAUDownload
42Production Technology of Vegetables & FlowersFaculty TNAUDownload
43Protected Cultivation & Post Harvest TechnologyFaculty TNAUDownload
44Renewable EnergyFaculty TNAUDownload
45Social and Farm ForestryFaculty TNAUDownload
46Soil Chemistry Soil Fertility & Nutrient MgmtFaculty TNAUDownload
47StatisticsFaculty TNAUDownload
48Water Management including Micro IrrigationFaculty TNAUDownload
49Weed ManagementFaculty TNAUDownload

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