List Of Latest Agriculture Topics For 2022

 Latest Agriculture Topics For 2022

Some of these topics related to agriculture, concerning development as well as research practices makes it hot in several papers, essays, seminar, presentations, conferences, and speeches also. So academicians (students, teachers, researchers) can get an idea of stunning topics for a presentation related to farming/agriculture using PowerPoint PPT to use it as per your content, as a topic or the speech related to agriculture or its related stream.

  1. Agriculture and Population Growth
  2. Agriculture and Indian resources
  3. Biosensor: Use In Agriculture
  4. Deforestation and its Disastrous Effects
  5. Biotechnology In Agriculture Food Processing: Opportunities/Challenges
  6. Dairy Farming
  7. Conventional Vs. Organic Vs. The Future of Food
  8. Aquafarming (Aquaculture)
  9. Climate Effect On Farming Systems
  10. GMO(Genetically Modified Foods) Foods
  11. Natural Farming
  12. Integrated Farming or Integrated Production or Whole Farm Management System Or Integrated Farming System
  13. Future Of Organic Products: Brands Or Retailer Private Labels?
  14. Fertilizer Pollution
  15. Earthworms Vermicomposting
  16. Agriculture and Genetics
  17. Agriculture and Marketing
  18. Agriculture extension
  19. Saving the Environment & Agriculture with Veganism
  20. Origins of Agriculture and the present era
  21. Agriculture research and Use of technology
  22. Organic Soil
  23. Genetic Engineering in Agriculture
  24. Organic Farming
  25. Subsistence Farming Vs Commercial Farming
  26. Irrigation System and Indian agriculture practices
  27. Solar-Powered Irrigation System
  28. Solving Agricultural Problems with Experimental Economics
  29. Sustainable Agriculture
  30. Use of Wind & Solar Energy In Agriculture
  31. Vertical farming
  32. Women’s Role In Agriculture
  33. Farming and Agricultural Subsidies
  34. Urban Agriculture
  35. Digital Agriculture: Connecting the Unconnected
  36. Developments in agriculture
  37. Multi-layer farming: Solution for better yield
  38. Eco-labeled Products on Consumer Buying Behavior
  39. Effect Of Global Warming On Agriculture
  40. Effects of Agriculture on the Environment
  41. Effects Of Climate Change On Agriculture
  42. Agriculture and its streams or agrisciences
  43. Natural Farming Vs Factory Farming
  44. Subsistence Farming Vs Intensive Farming
  45. Are Farm Subsidies Necessary
  46. Soil Degradation in the Developing World
  47. Agriculture and the World Hunger Index
  48. Subsistence Farming Vs Industrial Farming
  49. Organic Farming Vs Chemical Farming
  50. Drone Agriculture: Use of Drone Technology for better farming