Dates and Days Related to Agriculture

Here’s a look at the List of Important Dates and Days Related to Agriculture International / National level that matters to everyone, involved directly or indirectly in crop(s) yields to make a social standard and the livelihood for living, Crop Produce, Farming, Animal Husbandry, Poultry, Milk Production, Agriculture Processing, Environment, and other aspects of Agriculture and Forestry1, including saving the planet – Earth.

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Dates & Days Related to Agriculture

List of Important Dates and Days Related to Agriculture International / National level:

1WTO Foundation Day (World Trade Organization)1st JANUARY
2National Bird Day – India5th JANUARY
3National Youth Day12th JANUARY
4National Girl Child Day24th JANUARY
5World Watershed Day / World Wetlands Day2nd FEBRUARY
6World Pulses Day10th FEBRUARY
7National Deworming Day10th FEBRUARY
8World Day of Social Justice20th FEBRUARY
9National Science Day28th FEBRUARY
10World Wildlife Day3rd MARCH
11International women’s Day8th MARCH
12Water Resource Day11th MARCH
13World Consumers Day15th MARCH
14World Sparrow Day20th MARCH
15World Forestry Day or World Forest Day / International Day of Forest21st MARCH
16World Home Economics Day21st MARCH
17World Water Day22nd MARCH
18World Meteorological Day23rd MARCH
19Earth Hour25th MARCH
20Earth Hour Day25th MARCH
21International Carrot Day4th APRIL
22World Health Day7th APRIL
23World Earth Day22nd APRIL
24Panchayat Raj Day24th APRIL
25World Intellectual Property Day26th APRIL
26International Seeds Day26th APRIL
27World Veterinary DayLast Saturday of APRIL
28International Labour Day1st  MAY
29Greenery Day4th  MAY
30National Technology Day11th MAY
31International Migratory Bird DayMAY-2nd Saturday
32World Honey Day20ty  MAY
33International Biodiversity Day/ International Day for Biological Diversity22nd MAY
34World No Tobacco Day / World Anti – Tobacco Day31st MAY
35World Milk Day1st JUNE
36World Environment Day5th JUNE
37World Day to Combat Desertification17th JUNE
38National Rose Day25th JUNE
39World Microbiome Day27th JUNE
40World Meat Free Day31st JUNE
41National Agriculture Day1st JULY
42International Fruit Day1st JULY
43World Chocolate Day7th JULY
44National Fish Farmers Day10th JULY
45World Population Day11th JULY
46NABARD Foundation Day12th JULY
47ICAR Foundation Day16th JULY
48International Beer DayAUGUST – 1st Friday
49International Youth Day12th AUGUST
50National Nutrition WeekSEPTEMBER 01st to 07th
51World Coconut Day2nd SEPTEMBER
52World Literacy Day8th SEPTEMBER
53World Ozone Day16th SEPTEMBER
54International Eat an Apple DaySEPTEMBER-3rd Saturday
55AntyoDaya Diwas25th SEPTEMBER
56CSIR Foundation Day26th SEPTEMBER
57World Coffee Day1st OCTOBER
58World Habitat Day/Vegetarian Day1st OCTOBER
59National Women Literacy Day / International Non-Violence Day2nd OCTOBER
60World Animal Welfare Day4th OCTOBER
61International Day of Girl Child11th OCTOBER
62World Chicken DayOCTOBER-2nd Thursday
63World Egg Day2nd Friday of OCTOBER (13th OCTOBER)
64National Women Farmer Day/ International Day of Rural Woman15th OCTOBER
65World Food Day16th OCTOBER
66International Day of Eradication of Poverty17th OCTOBER
67National Apple Day21st OCTOBER
68United Nations Day24th OCTOBER
69National Press Day16th NOVEMBER
70World Fisheries Day21st NOVEMBER
71National Milk Day26th NOVEMBER
72World Pollution Prevention Day2nd DECEMBER
73Agriculture Education Day (Dr. Rajendra Prasad on BirthDay date)3rd DECEMBER
74Women in Agriculture Day / Agriculture Women Day4th DECEMBER
75World Soil Day5th DECEMBER
76Human Right’s Day10th DECEMBER
77National Energy Conservation Day14th DECEMBER
78International Tea Day15th DECEMBER
79National Farmer’s Day – India23rd DECEMBER
80Kisan Diwas23th DECEMBER
81Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan Week23-29 DECEMBER

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