Photosynthesis And Respiration


PHOTOSYNTHESIS  It is an anabolic process. Carbohydrates are synthesized. Light energy is stored in the form of glucose or chemical energy. The amount of CO2 in the air decreases during photosynthesis. It takes place only in chlorophyllous cells. It occurs only in the light. The dry weight of the plant increases. Photophosphorylation occurs. 6CO2+12H2O——–> + … Read more

Enzymes And Hormones


ENZYMES AND HORMONES ENZYMES are the biological catalyst that increases the rate of biochemical reactions without any changes. An organic, protein-based catalyst that is not itself used up in the reaction. It is naturally produced by living cells to catalyze biochemical reactions. Each enzyme is highly specific with regard to the type of chemical reaction … Read more

Fatty Acid


FATTY ACIDS CLASSIFICATION OF FATTY ACIDS Saturated Fatty acids Unsaturated Fatty acids Branched-chain Fatty acids Cyclic Fatty acids  “MAJOR SATURATED FATTY ACID AND THEIR SOURCES”   SATURATED FATTY It contains only single bonds in their hydrocarbon chains. General formula: R—COOH    (where R is CH3(CH2)n, ) IN HIGHER PLANTS: Palmitic acid(C16)  “MAJOR UNSATURATED FATTY ACID AND … Read more

List Of Latest Agriculture Topics For 2022


 Latest Agriculture Topics For 2022 Some of these topics related to agriculture, concerning development as well as research practices makes it hot in several papers, essays, seminar, presentations, conferences, and speeches also. So academicians (students, teachers, researchers) can get an idea of stunning topics for a presentation related to farming/agriculture using PowerPoint PPT to use … Read more

Agriculture Research Institutes

Best 10 Agriculture Books

LIST OF AGRICULTURE RESEARCH INSTITUTES INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTES AVRDC – Asian Vegetable Research and Development Centre, TaiwanCGIAR – Consultative Group of International Agricultural Research, Washington, USACIAT – International Centre for Tropical Agriculture, Columbia, South AmericaCIMMYT – International Centre for the Improvement of Maize and Wheat, MexicoCIP – International Potato Centre, Peru, South AmericaFAO – Food and … Read more